Hi, I’m Ben

I’m a creator of all things wood and have been a keen DIYer for many years.

Follow my blog for easy DIY guides, tips to maintain your property as a homeowner and handyman articles and advice.

These guides will equip you with basic DIY skills to help you maintain your own home, from putting up a shelf to clearing gutters and reviving weathered garden furniture.

Having worked as a local handyman, woodworker, furniture maker and renovated a fixer-upper, I have many DIY skills to share in a helpful handyman blog.

The Handyman Ben blog will also feature many handyman related blog posts too, drawing on my own experience as a self-employed handyman.

This website started in April 2019 when I worked as a local handyman, but now it’s a blog for all things handyman and DIY related.

Check out my other website Wood Create for even more home and garden related posts!

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