Top 10 basic tools for any homeowner
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Top 10 basic tools for any homeowner

Whether you’re a complete DIY novice or have some basic skills, any homeowner is going to need a tool kit of some description. In this post I’d like to list my top 10 tools that are going to help you achieve the basic but essential maintenance around your home.

You don’t need to have any skills to use these tools but basic safety precautions should be observed at all times when taking on any work in your own home. Make sure you have a first aid kit, fully stocked and easily accessible before you start any job because you never know if you might need it.

Top 10 basic tools for any homeowner

You should also always wear safety goggles when using any power tools. Your eyes are very precious and can easily be damaged by flying shards. Safety gloves are also a sensible option when using power tools, hammers and other cutting tools.

  1. Stanley knife – Also known as a retractable knife, is a very sharp knife used to cut through a number of different materials and comes with interchangeable blades. Cut cables, cardboard, plasterboard and even thin wood. This can be a very handy addition to any tool box.
  2. Hand saws – It’s good to own a couple of different handsaws for versatility. One for cutting metal like a Hacksaw and one for cutting wood (panel saw) which is always handy around the garden.
  3. Tape measure – Probably the most regularly used tool in my kit I couldn’t live without one (or 5 in my case). A 5m tape measure with suffice most but some may consider an 8m which makes measuring larger rooms and garden spaces much easier.
  4. Spirit level – Another popular tool used for hanging pictures, mirrors and essential for all kinds of construction work, big and small.
  5. Screwdrivers – A good selection of screwdrivers will come in handy for the majority of jobs around the house. You’ll also find them important for changing batteries on kids toys and other battery operated devices.
  6. Hammer – A 20oz claw hammer can be useful for pulling nails and hammering nails. you’ll also find it comes in handy for a number of other applications.
  7. Combi drill driver and bits – Combi drills are amazing tools and one not to ignore as an essential in your tool box. Invest in a decent drill and you’ll have it for life. You’ll be able to drill holes in almost any material and insert/remove screws. This is going to be perfect if you intend on hanging mirrors or heavy pictures on the walls, not to mention a thousand other uses around the home.
  8. Pliers – Try invest in a 3 or 5 piece plier set which will include needle nose, cutters and adjustable wrench. All have slightly different uses but you’ll be able to cut and strip wires, pull out stubborn objects and tweezer tight to reach objects.
  9. Adjustable spanner – You’re likely to come across bolts somewhere around the home so an adjustable spanner is a versatile tool for tightening or removing nuts and bolts.
  10. Plumbers wrench – You might well come across one of these in a larger plier set but if not ensure you buy one separately. It’s going to be ideal for small plumbing jobs. Fix a leaky tap or waste pipe or get to a blocked pipe. A must have for essential plumbing maintenance.

With these basic tools in your kit you’re going to be in a good position to complete basic repairs around the house. Whilst you can buy these items individually it’s worth considering an all in one kit. Kits can be expensive but there’s no issue with buying a low cost kit if you’re sticking to the basics.

Top 10 basic tools for any homeowner

You might also consider the following consumable items to add to your tool kit. These are going to help you achieve some basic repairs and help you complete your jobs to a higher standard.

  1. Wall filler – This is something I always have available to fill small cracks and splits in the plaster on the walls. It’s easily applied using a chisel knife and can be sanded when dry to leave a perfect finish.
  2. Gaffa tape – A strong durable tape that can be used for multiple applications. A strong adhesive back will grip to almost any dry surface and can be used to provide temporary fixes on car body parts.
  3. Pencil – Simple really, you’ll need this to mark areas you’re working on.
  4. Super glue – Fix and repair small porcelain or plastic items. Just don’t get it on your fingers.

So hopefully this post has highlighted a few essentials that will help you around your house. You might not need them all straight away but knowing they are there is a little piece of mind should something go wrong that needs urgent attention.

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