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Handyman jobs this summer in Gloucestershire

What have I been up to this summer? Gardening has been the top job for most people around Gloucester, from the small to the large and I’ve been there to lend a helping hand. Whether it was simply mowing the lawn or a complete landscaping job it’s been an exciting time in the outdoors, come rain or shine.

I’d like to quickly share with you a few of my favourite and most memorable gardening projects carried out since going self employed in July.

Summer is the time where most of us like to relax, play and enjoy time with friends and family in our gardens, but it’s easy to let these spaces slip during the winter months. Thats where I came in for some of these great customers. Some people just simply don’t have the time to focus on their gardens and some don’t have the experience so I’ve been lending a hand with the simple and complex jobs to turn their outdoor spaces into their own little sanctuaries.

Probably my biggest job was to landscape this garden by installing 24 oak sleepers and creating a border to separate the patio area from the rest of the garden. The oak sleepers were super heavy and the ground needed levelling in many places so this in total to me around 8 days to complete with a little help from a friend. The before and after pictures are quite the contrast.

The next garden was quite a bit smaller but equally satisfying. With a new slab path, turf and a stone border it was a complete transformation and a new easy to maintain outdoor space. Which is exactly what the client wanted. We even managed to keep some of the existing concrete slabs and a couple of plants which saved on a bit on money. An amazing change on this beautiful budget garden.

The next garden was quite a bit different, just seriously overgrown with everything. I don’t think it had been touched for a bout two years. The weeds on the patio were almost as tall as me and the trees and shrubs were taking over in places. In total I think it took me over 50 garden sacks of garden waste to get it back to something that resembled a garden. The owners could now enjoy their outdoor space and even move around it! It was great fun tackling this one and so rewarding to see how happy the owners were with the end result.

Thats all for now but if you’d like a little help getting your garden into shape or just simply fancy a change then contact me to see where I can add value. I’m happy to take on both small and large jobs to help you get the most of your outdoor living area. Also check out my other services to see if I can help out inside your home.