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My recent handyman projects and examples

In this blog post I will share with you some examples of the recent handyman services I have carried out for customers, as well as some of the handyman style tasks and custom made pieces I have built at my own home.

It’s a great way for you to see the types of bespoke furniture I can build in Gloucestershire and the kind of things you can hire a handyman for. Plus, a little sneak peek into our own home projects.

In ground trampoline

This was an exciting but very labour intensive job. It all started with an idea and quickly turned into reality within a few days. The hardest part of this project was the simple task of removing the earth – it was three days of many, many hours of digging into soil, stone and clay. It took two of us to create this hole by hand over three days.

For the centre of the hole we had to dig down 100cm according to the instructions and 25cm on the edges. The next task was to ensure it was level all the way round. Our garden is on a slight slope so we had to ensure one side was lower than the other.

There’s still a little more to do as we plan on levelling out the ground by the trampoline and the rest of the sloping side of the garden, but it’s in and functioning and the kids absolutely love it!

Custom built sleeper planter with seat

Transforming my garden slowly into a haven has moved a little bit further this summer with the addition of this planter. We managed to save a little money on this by using thinner materials.

Rather than use a thick 100mm sleeper we decided to go for a 50mm construction material which still looks great. By adding a seat to the structure we added a nice area to sit and enjoy the plants whilst also adding some strength and rigidity.

Using earth and soil from the trampoline dig, we filled the planter in preparation for the range of plants we added.

We just need to feed the clematis through the trellis, paint the top of the fence, stain the planter and this little area of the garden will be complete.

My wife forgot to take a picture of the overgrown mess that was here before she dug it all out, but it was a border half the size that was massively overgrown, flowing with weeds and had no edging. We’d needed to do something to the area for a long time and the huge amount of leftover soil from the trampoline dig gave us the inspiration. It’s a total transformation.

Custom built walk-in chicken coop and run installation

This chicken coop and run was something I previously custom-built and installed in my garden, but we sold it to a lovely lady near Stroud who wanted it installed in the garden of a nursing home.

When it was in our garden, it started off as quite small coop and run, but over the years it transformed into quite a large run. All hand built by myself, it was a fun and creative project that provided our chickens with a great space to stretch their legs and explore.

Moving it from our house to the new location was challenging as many pieces were very large due to it being a walk-in coop, but we got it there successfully and were very happy with the final result in its new location.

Read the full story of how I built this coop on my Wood Create site.

Custom made kids loft bed

I made this for my daughter to give her some more space in her bedroom. Made from 100% reclaimed materials collected over many months from various locations. The plan was to make a bed and steps that were high enough to fit over the top of her wardrobe.

Bella requested the heart shapes for the front and the rest was quite straightforward. This high sleeper is a great little hideout and bed that also offers suitable storage in the steps. Another job well done and a happy little customer 🙂

Thats all for now folks, but stay tuned for more exciting projects coming soon in and around Brockworth. I’ll share more examples of my work soon.

If you like what you see then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I also offer a number of custom made or bespoke tables via my sister site Wood Create. I’m currently working on a solid oak and industrial steel leg dining table for a customer in Thornbury. This is truly a magnificent piece and one of the heaviest tables I’ve ever made. Each leg is made from 70mm box steel and weights around 20kg on its own.

It’s very similar to my own dining table which was made using 100% reclaimed wood and is in the photo below. I love creating handmade furniture alongside my handyman services in Gloucester.